Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 29 01:16:57 CET 2003

Brandon Van Every wrote:
> Laura Creighton wrote:
> > My guess is 'never'.
> That's an extreme viewpoint.
> Then don't interact with other people's code.  Polymorphize your own tree
> Then don't use other people's templates.
> Then don't use Borland products.  Granted I spend my time doing 3D graphics,
> I think, to answer the original poster's question honestly, you have to
> I can never take people seriously who say things like this.  You like ed
> because you've invested lotsa time in ed.  
> If you had said Emacs, I would take you half-seriously.  If you said you had
> Find a different job then.  Are you getting paid well for your C++
> headaches?  I wouldn't put up with it if it's as onerous as you make it
> sound.  Unless the money is really really good.

Heh heh.... it's generally a wise policy to read a newsgroup for a while
before your first post to it, to get to know the various people who are
posters, and their styles and ideosyncracies...  ;-)


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