Introduction object-oriented programming

Kow K kowk at
Fri Jan 17 20:16:25 CET 2003

> From: Mike Meyer <mwm at>
> "Wouter van Marle" <wouterm at> writes:
>> Can anyone recommend me an introduction on object oriented 
>> programming in
>> general, and the trick in Python? Preferrably tutorial on the web or 
>> so.
> For OO in general, the best thing I've seen - by a large margin - is
> Bertrand Meyer's (no relation) "Object Oriented Software
> Construction". It's not available on the web, but well worth buying.

At Amazon, you could get a used copy of its first edition for very 
cheap. I got mine for $5 plus shipping.

OOP model of Python seems to be more strongly influenced by Smalltalk. 
For example, Eiffel uses the "self" construct far less often, and when 
it does, it's "Current", not "self". So, the Eiffel way might be a 
little bit confusiong. Also, the notions of class and modules are not 
clearly separated in Eiffel. At first, this was very confusing to me, 
at least in the Eiffel described in the first edition of OOSC.

Apart from those, the book was very interesting and illuminating.

> It may make you want to find an Eiffel compiler.

Or "SmartEiffel", ex-"SmallEiffel".


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