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Nick Vargish nav at
Thu Jan 2 00:16:59 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis <max at> writes:

> If Java were to be acceptable for commercial usage, what would prevent
> Python from it?

I hate to say it, but "managerial mind-share."  Somehow, Java managed
to break into management thought patterns as something trendy, useful,
or widespread. The widespread bit is actually becoming a
self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Something that I always find amazing is that there is actually a lot
of resistence to using any open source software in the commercial
world. Java actually earns some respect in those circles _because_ it
is largely the "property" of a single company. I've had a hosting
company tell me that their network could not be source of a problem we
were experiencing, because they used "proprietary and very expensive
software" to configure and monitor it...

What we need for Python to get commercial attention is for some large
companies to start charging real money for development environments,
libraries, and consulting. Then we might see Python take off in the
commercial sector. Also good would be for some proprietary and very
expensive software packages start supplying Python APIs or embedding.

Happy Occidental New Year, everyone!


#include<stdio.h> /* SigMask 0.3 (sig.c) 19990429 PUBLIC DOMAIN "Compile Me" */
int main(c,v)char *v;{return !c?putchar(*v-1)&&main(0,v+ /* Tweaks welcomed. */
1):main(0,"Ojdl!Wbshjti!=obwAqbusjpu/ofu?\v\1");}  /* build: cc -o sig sig.c */

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