ANN: NSIS Python Plugin

Chris Liechti cliechti at
Fri Jan 3 01:39:32 CET 2003

For those who use the Nullsoft installer (NSIS) and know Python...
I have written a small plugin that allows simple execution of Python code 
during the setup.

Supported commands are eval, exec and execFile. a special module nsis is 
exposed to Python which supports writing to the log, display a message box 
and get/set the NSIS variables. The win32 parent handle of the installer 
can also be read so its open for extensions that use win32all or ctypes.

yeah. i know you could also "ExecWait 'python'" (on some systems) but 
the plugin is easier and you can write to the log ;-)
It's also a nice thing if you need a very simple GUI, but want to evaluate 
the data with a real programming language.

Chris <cliechti at>

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