Fileselection window of Gnome/GTK

Wouter van Marle wouterm at
Thu Jan 16 04:45:04 CET 2003

Hi all!

I have a problem getting the file selection window working. I don't get

What I have done so far: in glade I created a file selection widget, and
connected the OK and Cancel butten to signal when <clicked>. Then in my
python program I open the file selection widget, and connect the two
Now this simply does not work - I do not get any signals back to my
application from the file selection window! (and no, nothing about this in
the gtk faq..... :-(() Can someone please explain me how to use this window?

Next problem will be to get the selection and so back from the window. Also
I want to set the search path when the window is opened to be different from
the work dir of my application. Documentation please?!

Btw please don't point at the sources of gtk, I really don't understand C.


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