Best SMTP/POP library?

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Thu Jan 23 14:33:10 CET 2003

Robert Oschler <Oschler at> wrote:
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> Gerhard,
> While I'm working on my Python email client, which will take quite some
> time, I'm getting up to speed on Ximian.  You mentioned a problem with my
> current email client (OE) with the "reference line" and the way it quotes.
> Can you give me specifics so I can look out for these things when I'm
> configuring Ximian's email client?

The problem is that yours is not a reference *line*, but rather a novel ;-)

I'd recommend you only include real name and maybe email address and date.

Putting the referenced message id in the reference line (like your OE does by
default) hardly makes sense, as this information can easily be fetched from the
In-Reply-To or References headers anyway if the need is there.

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