Python for CGI is dead?

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Mon Jan 13 01:21:38 CET 2003

Will Stuyvesant wrote:
> I am spending rather much time trying to build a project using CGI
> scripts written in Python.  But am I wasting my time?  I could not
> find much Python hosting, and none free (except a french one that I
> can not register into) for Python CGI scripts!  

While not free, my service provider,, offers Python CGI
hosting for $17/mo., for the cheapest rate.  Details at

Pay for a year and there's a 16% discount, to $184.  The pythons
they have are: python2.1.1, python2.2.1, and python2.3a1.

Yes, they even have the newest version of Python available.

					dalke at

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