Seeking Minimal Python Project Name

Graham Fawcett gmfawcett at
Wed Jan 15 16:20:17 CET 2003

"Andrew Thompson" <andrew.thompson at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1042620119.3299.python-list at>...
> How about simply 'P' or 'p' as a suitable name?  It worked for C.

'min(python)' seems appropriate too, though it's more verbose.

In the animal kingdom, 'Python' is a genus, and its species have names
like, e.g., 'Python natalensis' or 'P. natalensis'. Perhaps you could
add 'P. minimalis' to the genus? 'P.min.' for short.

Or if you prefer honouring the language's comedic roots, perhaps an
Austin Powers reference: 'Mini-P' ...

-- Graham

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