Learning Python - The Book

Michael Urban urba0083 at tc.umn.edu
Wed Jan 15 18:47:34 CET 2003

Its ok to use it as the basic language and such is still applicable.
But watch out for outdated stuff. For example, that book will
reference the string module, which is depricated and you
probably shouldn't use it in your projects.

A book I might suggest you read instead of, or in addition
to Learning Python is Python 2.1 Bible. It's a lot more
up to date and personally, I think has more in depth
coverage that helps you understand why you are doing
what you are doing.

scn wrote:
> Hello.  I am new to programming and Python in particular.  My interest
> is to learn how to program to begin automating tasks at work that are
> still done using pencil and paper.  I understand that Python offers
> many advantages over other languages for many various reasons.
> I have taken a look at the book Learning Python and noticed that it
> was written in 1999.  Python is currently up to version 2.3  Is this
> book still applicable in most aspects of the language, or would it be
> wiser for me to save my money and wait for a 2nd edition to come out
> with more up-to-date information? Thank you.

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