Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at
Wed Jan 29 01:31:55 CET 2003

Laura, I'm not sure if you've moved this discussion offline... maybe
"away from the newsgroup" is accurate.  Anyways...

> From: Laura Creighton [mailto:lac at]
> Last  C++ job I had paid roughly $400 Euros an hour.  And the reason
> they paid me this was because indeed, it was as onerous as I made it
> sound.  This is what I was paid to do all day long.
> You need to get over your notion that there cannot exist a person who
> is excellent at something and who hates it at the same time.

But your comparision regarding C++ usability is utterly unfair.  You got
paid an exhorbitant amount of money to tackle really godawful C++
problems in a corporate dysfunctional environment.  That is quite beyond
any language issue.  To say that C++ RAD-IDE would "never" help anyone
based on your extreme case use is grossly misleading.  A solo programmer
or a small team that knows how to "fly in formation" doesn't have your
corporate $400/hour idiocy problems to contend with.

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