Best Python editor (under Linux)

A. Lloyd Flanagan alloydflanagan at
Fri Jan 3 17:39:28 CET 2003

Steve Lamb <grey at> wrote in message news:<slrnb1ac1r.j1t.grey at>...
>     Oddly enough I don't consider IDLE an editor either.  Point stands, Emacs
> is the very antithesis of the proper way to do things.  It is a monolithic,
> bloated, musch-cram-every-feature-into-it piece of software.  26Mb for a
> "editor" is not what I consider reasonable or keeping in the tradition of
> small specialized programs that do one task well.

So don't use it.  But he who lets devotion to an abstract principle
("the proper way to do things") blind him to the genuine advantages of
the most powerful programmer's editor out there has left the path of

Besides, a programmer's editor doesn't have to do one task well -- it
needs to do a whole lot of different tasks.  The best way to do that
is make it customizable.  If you make it so customizable people use it
to read Usenet, play games, keep a diary, edit web pages, etc., etc.,
etc., is that really a bad thing?

Emacs users should also check out the else-mode package. ELSE is the
Emacs Language Sensitive Editor, and it lets you insert customizable
language templates into your code with a couple of keystrokes.  Never
make a typo in basic syntax again!  See

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