Newbe: Python Exercise

Widukind widukind at
Thu Jan 16 23:09:03 CET 2003

pavs wrote:

> Hi, I want to know if this is what it meant, when it asked for
> "Concatenate"? If not, isn't this another way to do it?

I think what it meant was to join two strings so the result is one string,
without any spaces.
For example if str1 is 'abc' and str2 'def' the result should be 'abcdef'.
You can do that like this:
print "str1 + str2 = %s" % str1 + str2
Pretty straight forward, isn't it.

> Is there any other online book you guys would recommend?

Personally, I've found the Python Tutorial by Guido van Rossum very good.
You can find it in the Python Documentation (


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