Emacs has eaten my python tabs!!!

Martin Maney maney at pobox.com
Wed Jan 29 05:36:48 CET 2003

Aaron K. Johnson <akjmicro at yahoo.com> wrote:
> This is mostly what people need to do using Emacs anyway, right?

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have cut quite so much.  This almost looks like
a humorous comment on the subject line...

Anyway - the thing that may get me to invest enough time to get to know
emacs well is Bicycle Repairman.  I can't really imagine how one would
work such that fixing indentation was remotely so large a part of the
daily grind as to steer one's choice of editor!  For the moment I, too,
find Joe the least awful of the readily available *nix editors (but...
the *pico* bindings?  Long ago (but not long enough: I still recall it)
I used pico on an early middle ages Xenix box that offered few choices. 
I was so glad to get away!)

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