Emacs has eaten my python tabs!!!

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Jan 26 16:12:40 CET 2003

    Mongryong> Ok, I did some cut and paste from python source which had
    Mongryong> different tabs.  In emacs it appears the tabs are in the
    Mongryong> right place but Python is complaining about indentation
    Mongryong> errors.  I've tried changing the tab-width/tab-stop in emacs
    Mongryong> but still no luck.

If everything lines up (that is, visually the code appears properly indented
within Emacs), simply select the entire buffer and execute M-x untabify.
You'll wind up with source code which only uses spaces for indentation.
Keep it that way.  You'll have far fewer problems of this sort.  ;-)


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