Graeme gsmatthew at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jan 19 11:20:35 CET 2003

Hi all, im still  struggling to try and find some examples on the web, im
finding the documentation conclusive butcant find any everday samples.

I am trying to extract the values for each of a list of orderlines for a
given order, using MSXML 3.0 (using XPath) I have no problem, but I have
only decided in the last two weeks to write a commercial app in Python after
discounting ruby (due to lack of documentation) so im still a bit aloof :)



my current attempt is using orderNode.getElementsByTagName('orderline')

Im trying to retireve a list of Nodes i.e NodeList as per doco then extract
each element value

Any ideas would be great cos ive been at this for ages



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