datetime module for Python 2.2

Tim Peters at
Thu Jan 23 16:02:04 CET 2003

[Donnal Walter]
> I am looking forward to using the new datetime module in Python 2.3, but
> until there is a stable version of wxPython for 2.3 I must stay
> with Python 2.2.2.
> Is there a pure Python version of the new datetime module (or portions
> thereof) that I could use for development on 2.2.2 until I am able upgrade
> to 2.3? (Yes, I know it would be slower than the C version, but that's ok
> for now.) Thanks.

Skip pointed you to the Python CVS sandbox.  A better place, over time, is
in Zope3's CVS tree.  Zope3 is in much the same boat as you, and I'm
maintaining a pure-Python workalike mostly for its benefit:

They're "compatible enough" that the same (extensive) test suite is used for
both, but I'm sure there are differences if you try hard enough; e.g.,
detailed inheritance of behaviors by subclasses is bound to differ, as
things that "just work" naturally when coding in Python can be a PITA to
make happen when coding in C, and there hasn't been (and won't be) enough
time to worry about that.

Note that the API is still changing (mostly having to do with time zone

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