These are discouraging stats to Perlistas & Pythonistas...

Sara genericax at
Wed Jan 8 14:35:54 CET 2003

Mike Meyer <mwm at> wrote in message news:<x7heckyeti.fsf at>...
> "Robert Oschler" <Oschler at> writes:
> > I can't look at anymore, too depressing.  Some appx stats:
> > 
> > Date    C++ jobs    Java jobs
> > 3/2000    42000    31000
> > 10/2003    2200    2800
> Ok, where did you get the numbers for October 2003? Or is that 1/2003
> or 10/2002?
>         Thanks,
>         <mike
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> Mike Meyer <mwm at>
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Sorry Mike this is all of the data I have. A friend emailed me this
table in a message and that's what I got. He wanted to "rub it in"
about how I'm "wasting my career" with Perl, PHP, and Python.

The way I look at it, if I was an artiste and everyone was working in
fingerpaints, I'd stil rather work in oils if that was the medium I
preferred. ASP is the fingerpaint, Perl is oils. Hope my ears survive
this quest!

Still, it would be comforting to know that there was a "market" for my


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