Py2Exe on Win98

Trent Oliphant trentoliphant at
Mon Jan 20 18:23:04 CET 2003

I have a script that I was able to compile successfully on a win2000
machine, but I get the error "No module named pywintypes" on a win98
machine.  I am able to import pywintypes in the interactive
interpreter, and the script runs fine.

The script itself uses Qt, win32api and win32con.  

I tried the command line flags "-i pywintypes" and "--force-imports
pywintypes", I even tried "--force-imports, win32api, win32con" but
still get the same error.

As I said, it compiles just fine on Win2000 and creates
"PyWinTypes22.dll" in the dist folder with the executable.

Any ideas on what else to do?

Trent Oliphant
trentoliphant at

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