passwords to CGI

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Wed Jan 15 09:28:27 CET 2003

[Paul Rubin]
> Anyway, without knowing what kind of site we're talking about, it
> doesn't make sense to say SSL is worthwhile.

I don't know about setting up SSL for a site.  Do you think my local
ISP would support it?  I mean is it normal to expect them to provide

My site is nonexistent yet...I am still in the development phase.  So
far I have been able to program and design login pages (with
passwords) and a couple of subsequent pages that use a user ID code
generated by the login page CGI script: the user ID code is based on
the current time and passed along via <input type=hidden> tags.  This
seems to work ok and it would be very hard for somebody else to guess
a randomly generated user ID code that is only valid a limited time.

About the kind of site: it is build around an online game I am
developing.  The challenge is to use only HTML and CSS, trying even to
avoid images.  There is a *lot* you can do with CSS only and I like

I installed the apache web server on my XP laptop and guess what, it
works :)  Had to change a .conf script though in typical unix style to
enable CGI.  So the POST problems with IE are over now.

Thank you for your responses, and more ideas are always welcome.

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