December 2002 comp.lang.* stats

Erik Max Francis max at
Sat Jan 25 08:23:49 CET 2003

"Aaron K. Johnson" wrote:

> What you see below are pure and simple the number of unique posters to
> each
> comp.lang.whatever hierarchy in December 2002.

So they're to the whole hierarchy?  Several of these groups have large
hierarchies, some don't; some of those subgroups are moderated.  Does
this take into account crossposts within hierarchies, or across them? 
How about spam?  Right there those factors are going to tweak the
numbers in favor of hierarchies with more groups rather than less, even
setting aside whether or not more groups would encourage more posts, or
whether or not those languages are more popular and thus have more
subgroups in the first place.

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