OT: spam filtering idea

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Tue Jan 14 15:06:21 CET 2003

>>> Michael Hudson wrote
> I'd install spambayes, but the starship is so thoroughly & viciously
> protected *anyway* that I only get a tiny amount of spam as it is...

One somewhat ironic point is that python.org is also very heavily 
spam-proofed - this results in any spams that do slip through the 
net getting a bunch of high ham-value clues (from received lines, &c).

On the other hand, the system _is_ doing it's job - after all, the
presence of python.org headers indicates that it's less likely to be
spam... and it's rare that these headers alone will push the message
into the (extremely small :) window that I consider ham.

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