mod_python examples

francois lepoutre franck.lepoutre at
Fri Jan 31 09:20:53 CET 2003

> I need a couple of larger examples than what the
> official mod_python documentation gives
> (which isn't really much for
> a newbie to mod_python).

What kind of things are you looking for?

mod_python is both a superb idea and
a great achievement. You can build great
apps with a couple lines of codes:

- read the code carefully, install the
package and you existing cgi will fly,

- grasp the publisher concepts, push
a couple of hundreds lines of object-based
code and you have a minimal persistent
app "à la zope",

- get a firmer hand on the whole mod_python
picture, build you own framework (a couple of
thousand lines) and you have your own portal

Of course the documentation is nice but concise.
A couple of diagrams would help.

I tend to believe that most users of
mod_python have a strong apache/perl
background. That may explain why
the documentation - despite great - is so dry.

I am preparing a couple of pages dedicated to
mod_python/win32 and cross-platform
development issues on which i stumbled.

Just wish i had to the time to produce them.

The only thing i can tell up to now read the
documentation, read it twice or thrice if needed.

If you wish more general information
on optimization tips and tricks, you
should dive into mod_perl/apache docs.

May google will help you on this...


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