Python web development, really

Paul Boddie paul at
Wed Jan 22 13:40:58 CET 2003

Afanasiy <abelikov72 at> wrote in message news:<rudq2vkfi6akc6absu404fbolmfec5m10a at>...
> I am referring to things like PHP automatically splitting multi-valued
> form fields (checkboxes, select/option) into arrays for you if you just
> name them, in the html, with [] appended. Just a thoughtful addition.
> Or perhaps Python developers consider it another horrible implicit.

Horribly flawed, more like. I'd rather my application know (through
various means, not necessarily hard-coded) what data type a particular
piece of information is supposed to be, rather than such information
arriving in an HTTP request. Certainly, the cgi module supports
multi-valued fields, and I do agree that frameworks could provide
better support for processing of field data. Indeed, I've done various
experiments aimed at this neglected side of Web programming.


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