These are discouraging stats to Perlistas & Pythonistas...

Sara genericax at
Thu Jan 9 20:07:25 CET 2003

Andrew Lee <> wrote in message news:<i02p1vkdio5uvmfrj84koeoe1mr2ibb3jk at>...

> There is no end to the stupidity of recruiters/headhunters/incopetent
> IT managers.  How many times have you seen an advertisement for PEARL?
> I had a manager once who insisted that was useless "cause it
> breaks all my programs."
> Sheesh!

Ha! I had to laugh out loud at this one Andrew, mainly because IT'S
TRUE! I was asked to please remove -w and -T from the she-bang line,
and take out "use strict" because when people have to modify my code,
they are getting warnings and errors. They were complaining that they
have to remove them themselves and why didn't I just stop using them??

I must be STUPID!

Thanks for the laugh I needed one today..

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