How do I start Mac Python scripts from Excel?

Noah noah at
Mon Jan 6 22:29:20 CET 2003

I'm a Macintosh newbie. I wrote a script for a client
that compresses and encrypts an Excel spreadsheet and
then posts it to a web site. It runs great as a 
stand-alone Python Applet on MacOS 9.1. 
I'm using Jack Jansen's MacPython 2.22 distribution.

The client would like a button on their Excel spreadsheet 
that activates a Python script. I'm fairly experienced with 
VBA on Windows, but I have no Mac experience. 
I can create a button and edit the VBA code on Mac, so 
there are no problems there.

1. How do I launch the Python applet from Excel?

2. How do I prevent or dismiss the "Output" window that
always comes up when I run a Python Applet on Mac?



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