idle will not start

R. C. Ellis rcellis at
Sat Jan 11 21:10:59 CET 2003

Robert Hord wrote:
> I have install the RH 8.0 with python.  When I start ./idle I get an error 
> "no module named ildelib".  I have done a find -name /usr idlelib with no 
> results.  I also did an ./ with an error "no module named Tkinter".  
> I have installed the tcl/tk from the RH cd.  
> ? Anyone know what I'm missing ?

 From what I understand from other on-line sources, RedHat chose NOT to 
include Tkinter in it's python install.

In my case I downloaded the latest Python tgz file from 
(which includes Tkinter, supposedly) and did the configure-make-make 
install, but it *Still* is unable to find the necessary files to access 
Tkinter libs.  I've fiddled with all the available environment 
variables, "locate"ed the Tkinter file - no luck.  I've asked the 
follow-on question relating to this: to wit, "OK What do I do now?" or 
"What did I miss and get wrong?"


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