Newbie need's help & will give back what I can???

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Tue Jan 7 01:01:09 CET 2003

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> Hay this Shane.....
>     I need some very
> easy projects to start with is all....Just till I get used to all this...And
> yes this is my first time programming to...But im a quick learner and am not
> scared to jump into this...

Python is great language to learn with. It is very well constructed
which IMHO makes it very user friendly, great for beginners. is a good spot to start. The
tutorial that is included in the documentation might be a little
confusing to those just getting their first taste.

As for projects your best bet is to work all the examples provided
with the tutorials. Try to write some programs using simple algebraic
principles. Here, I'll give ya a lil project...

Use the Sieve of Eratosthenes
( to find small
prime numbers up to, oh say 10000. Thats a good problem for a
newbie...gets u used to real life aplication.

Good luck,

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