Can anyone decode this Perl code, please?

holger krekel pyth at
Wed Jan 22 04:31:25 CET 2003

Jane Austine wrote:
> I am reading Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns. I really enjoy
> this book. On p.177, however, there is a perl code, which is all Greek
> to me. Can anyone here translate it into a pseudo-code or a python
> code(literal translation might do)?

> [lots of hieroglyphs deleted]

how much do you pay per hour?  

Though i am really just joking i do wonder what kind of book 
you are reading.  Is this code supposed to be an example
of OO or a target for urgent reengineering? 

sorry-to-be-of-not-much-help-ly y'rs, holger

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