Python use growing or shrinking

David Mertz mertz at
Thu Jan 23 19:45:37 CET 2003

Chris Keyes <chrisk at> wrote previously:
|I'm sure IBM do use Python, their guys write articles about it

I think you probably mean me, and Uche, and Patrick O'Brien, as "their
guys."  But developerWorks doesn't really have much to do with what IBM
as a whole does, just what some freelancers want to write about.

Actually, that's what makes dW such a wonderful site (much better, IMO,
than the "similar" efforts by other large computer/software companies).
IBM provides a general resource for developers, not merely a way to
market/sell some more IBM products.  But heck... just to pitch in:  IBM
does, indeed, make a number of quite excellent products. :-)

I'm not saying IBM *doesn't* use Python.  I just don't know, even though
I am very happy that they pay me money to write articles about it.

Yours, David...

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