Best SMTP/POP library?

Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz gradha at
Thu Jan 23 21:23:46 CET 2003

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 03:07:41PM +0000, Gerhard Häring wrote:
> Btw. there are some free add-ons available that make Outlook
> Express behave a lot saner. You can google for "oe quotefix",
> "morver" and "korrnews".

Hey, it may not help much with outlook, but I read/write mails
with setedit, an editor aimed at programmers which doesn't support
email quoting. So I created a macro for it to reformat mails. The
macro calls an external python script, which in turn calls GNU fmt
command to do the dirty work.

You might want to take a look at it to see how it reformats quoting,
and rip the simple algorithm to implement it in your python mail
program. Get it all from here:

PD: Obviously all this was reformatted with the script.

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