Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Wed Jan 29 01:40:02 CET 2003

Létezõ wrote:
> Summary:
> RAD-IDEs are for overcoming
> some of the problems caused by
> the inadequate logic of the language.

No, RAD-IDEs are WYSIWYG.  When the need for WYSIWYG becomes your dominant
development need, when you need to lay out zillions of widgets, then you go
for an approach that brings you economies of scale.  If you don't need that
many widgets, RAD-IDEs are a marginal gain.

Really, look at all the overstuffed functionality available in modern widget
sets and tell me that Python can somehow do a better job interfacing it all
than C++ can.  It can't.  It doesn't matter what language you pick, the
abstruseness is contained in the GUI spec not the language.  Widgets are
inherently overcomplicated, they're general purpose GUI components that try
to please everybody.

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