Automating Web Interfaces with Python

Max Ischenko max at
Wed Jan 15 12:33:20 CET 2003

 Christian Reyes wrote:

> Yes Cameron,
> You've very succinctly identified the situation.
> Your recommendation is exactly what I am looking for.  I think we are one
> post away from closing this thread. :)

Take a look at Puffin (Python) or Anteater (Java), for start.

For simple applications, a plain Python with urllib/libcurl will do.

>> So:  my recommendation is that this thread start back at the
>> beginning.  Mr. Reyes, how will you know when you're done?  If
>> we can teach you how to automate retrieval of the content of
>> one Web page, with parametrized forms values and such, will you
>> be substantially nearer your goal?

Another process just forked, sir. Instructions?

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