os.remove & os.rmdir

Padraig Brady padraig.brady at corvil.com
Tue Jan 7 16:55:42 CET 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Padraig Brady wrote:
>>I just want
>>the simple change to allow remove() to work on empty directories.
>>Actually I don't see any backwards compatability probs at all.
> Hmmm... might there not be code which uses os.remove() with the
> assumption it is not going to remove anything which is an empty
> directory?

True but not likely and anyway most would use unlink.

> Maybe this is just the reinterpretation of the direction
> I was going, after correcting my confusion.  I suspect any change
> to the behaviour of these functions could lead to a situation
> where existing code behaves very badly.

I can't think of an example where you would remove(dir)
willy nilly unless you can to delete the whole tree anyway
and then it's not an issue.


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