ping multiple Ips with python

darrell dgallion1 at
Sat Jan 4 05:36:19 CET 2003

Gerhard Haering wrote:

> * darrell <dgallion1 at> [2003-01-04 03:07 +0000]:
>> Multiple ping sounded like fun.
>> So here's a quick mod to some ping code I found.
>> #!/usr/bin/env python
>> [icmp code in Python]
> This needs superuser privileges, right?
> Do you work as root by default, because you don't mention this necessity?!

The need for root is in there.
# Note that ICMP messages can only be sent from processes running
# as root.

If you expand this app with something like ipRange("192.168.1.*")
The idea being to ping a range of IP's
Then the idea of threads might be a problem.


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