Webhosting with Python and PSP?

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sat Jan 4 16:16:12 CET 2003

Check out http://www.python.org/hosting/

Laura Creighton

> Hi everybody,
> Sorry if this is off topic. 
> I really need some webhosting with PSP and Python CGI. But, it is hard
> to find anywhere? I have tried google, no results i could use. What do I
> do? I found one... http://www.oinko.net/freepython/ but it is
> "directory" hosting. And they links to lunarpages.com, but they dont
> write anything about PSP, only Python CGI :( I wrote an e-mail to them,
> but they have not replied yet.
> Anyone know a good hosting company that support PSP and Python CGI? I
> prefer webhosting companies in US, UK or Denmark... :) Please help me
> out... I need a site with that support, untill I get my own server...
> With Best Regards,
> Johan
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