Copyright on the Python and Python-console icons?

Tim Peters at
Thu Jan 16 01:21:00 CET 2003

[Erik Max Francis]
> You keep emphasizing the word _afraid_, which I never used.

I use the word "afraid" but don't believe I've emphasized it.

> I never told him he should be _afraid_ of getting sued.

    It's not worth the extremely negative potential payoff should
    things turn ugly.

doesn't sound like encouragement <wink>, and "afraid" comes from the "F" in

> I simply said that the safest course of action -- as it is in any legal
> situation -- is to get explicit permission in the form of a piece of
> paper with a signature on it.

No, you do more than just that:  you've counseled Mike repeatedly to

    get rock solid assurance (a written and signed waiver on physical
    paper), or don't bother

and repeat that again in different words next.

> He asked for information about the legality of using certain copyrighted
> materials, and was met with an ambiguous response -- a response which
> disclaimed its own legal applicability.  At this point it's only
> sensible to secure explicit permission or not bother;

There it goes again.  If you had asked whether it's OK for you to fiddle a
Python module and distribute it, I would have given you the same answer I
gave Mike:  as far as I'm concerned, sure, but I'm not a lawyer and can't
make legally binding representations about the matter.  If you need legal
advice, pay a lawyer to read the license as it applies to your intended use.

> it sounded, after all, like using these materials was not crucial to his
> project anyway.
> You're the one trying to inflate this into a huge issue;

Nope, I'm trying to assure Mike that the risks are-- contrary to the
FUD --so minimal as to be laughable.

> I simply gave him standard, reasonable advice on the use of copyrighted
> mateirals.

In this case the materials in question are covered by the PSF license, and I
don't want the PSF to be harrassed with endless requests for "written and
signed waiver on physical paper".  Mike has no more chance of being sued
than you do, and for some reason left unexplained you really seem to believe
that Mike is in more danger than you are.  He isn't.  Although that still
doesn't mean the PSF won't sue all of us ...

most-likely-me-i-hope-ly y'rs  - tim

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