php vs python

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It depends on what you're using for the web serving. If you are planning on
using mod_python with apache you won't
get much that's different from php, It's all got to do with style. People
who aren't full time programmers often appreciate python's friendly syntax,
wheras php syntax and standard lib is very c++-ish.

If you're planning on using zope, or twisted as your webserver however, you
will get a completely different web development framework that really
leverages the features of python that makes it different from other
languages (flexibility, strong-dynamic typing etc). There's too much to list
as their features, its really a whole new web development paradigm.

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I was attending a conference about php, and heard talk about some websites
switching from php to Phyton.

I have been programming php for some years now and just recently heard about
python used for web programming.

What can Phyton do for me that php cant't?

Regards Joe


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