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Tue Jan 7 18:07:20 CET 2003

Thanks for the suggestions.  Can you think of a small python app that I 
can take a look at that implements this well?


Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> Lester fed this fish to the penguins on Sunday 05 January 2003 06:56 pm:
>>More specifically,
>>In access I can assign the data source for a form (er, frame I guess
>>in python) as an SQL statement, and then all the objects in the form
>>from the same record.  How would I go about achieving this in Python?
>         As with almost everything except M$, you do this by hand.
>         You detect the navigation (first, last, previous, next) buttons and 
> /you/ load the form with the data.
>         And before you think that a failing -- I actually have one or two 
> Visual Basic & Database books that explicitly /avoid/ the use of bound 
> fields /because/ there are situation wherein bound fields do not 
> function properly (much better to avoid the pitfall of running into 
> such a situation by expecting it from the start).
>         Depending upon the amount of data you could load a structure with all 
> the returned records, and just index through those (detecting changes 
> on a form so you write the changed record back to the database before 
> moving on), or you load the primary keys only and do single record 
> selects on navigation.

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