UML and Python

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Mon Jan 20 14:02:15 CET 2003

[Terry Hancock]
> Does UML work for Python? 

To my opinion: no.
And it will get even worse with UML2.  See

Looks like UML2 will be an overspecified mess with too much details
and *still* lacking a formal semantics.

> In particular, given some of the Zope extensions 
> to Python:
> Interfaces
> Components
> Acquisitiion
> Pluggable Brains
> How do you represent them?  And is it useful to you to do so?

Would be interesting to see design documents from the Zope ppl, see
what they do.

There are useful diagrams in UML, (eg, the state and transition
diagrams).  Unfortunately, the one most tools use to generate code
(and draw from reverse engineering) has everything to do with
language structure, and nothing to do with what actually happens
at runtime. To put it bluntly: people spend most of their time
designing the wrong thing. Worse, they get it wrong, but it's
carved in stone now; so the final system is either needlessly
complex and marginally functional, or bears no resemblance to the
        -- Gordon McMillan, 15 Dec 1999

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