Best Python editor (under Linux)

Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at
Sun Jan 5 23:37:00 CET 2003

Hello Peter

Peter Hansen wrote:
 > Harry George wrote:
 >> I've trained up a dozen or so newbies on python over the last few
 >> years.  I always offer them the option of their favorite editor.  We
 >> get some vim, emacs, nedit, notepad, idle, jot, and others I can't
 >> remember.  But when it gets serious, as in XP sessions (two people on
 >> one keyboard), the emacs guys are far more productive.  As far as I
 >> can tell, the vim guys are faster keystroke-by-keystroke, but the
 >> emacs guys are more productive overall.  The notepad guys weren't
 >> productive enough to be a fair sampling of the editor itself (they
 >> weren't really programmers).  I haven't seen enough experienced idle
 >> or scintilla people to have an opinion there.
 > To avoid interpreting your comments as pure mysticism, I would need
 > to know specifically what features you find to be "far more
 > productive" with emacs.
 > So what is it?  I really can't believe (yet) that a different set
 > of keyboard bindings and a macro language I wouldn't use on a regular
 > basis would lead to a really measurable performance increase.
 > (And let me say that a 10% boost is not measurable, while a 50% one
 > might be.)

The reason for the high productivity _might_ be that a relatively large
proportion of highly-productive people tends to use emacs. This is
slightly different from assuming that those people are more productive
_because_ they use emacs.


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