Warning! Newbie issue - Impersonating a user on Win32

Doug Glenn dglenn at charter.net
Fri Jan 17 01:07:00 CET 2003

On Thursday 16 January 2003 18:40, Roger Upole wrote:
> What error do you get when you try to adjust SE_TCB_NAME ?
> This is almost certainly what's getting you.  It shows up in the
> account rights editor as "Act as part of the operating system".  It's
> short for Trusted Computer Base if I recall correctly.
>           Roger

I listed the action that happened. It fails to set it, but there is not 
any error messages that occur with it. It just 'fails'.  I had 
originally run all of these without the Try: statement. I added that 
and the except:  in order to see what was taking and what was not 

Aside from relisting the code, I commented in the actions I got from 
each setting.

>     # These settings hit the 'fail' list from the try routine on the
>     #AdjustPrivileges function.
>     # ------------------------
>     #AdjustPrivilege(SE_AUDIT_NAME)
>     #AdjustPrivilege(SE_MACHINE_ACCOUNT_NAME)
>     #AdjustPrivilege(SE_TCB_NAME)
>     #AdjustPrivilege(SE_LOCK_MEMORY_NAME)

Any possibility I can take a look at a dump from Secpol.msc on your 
system? Or should I send you mine to look over.  I do appreciate the 

Also, do you have any domain policies being applied in this area? We 
area applying policies and the SE_TCB_NAME is one that is not there. I 
can set it via the MMC console, but it did not seem to make any 
difference. .... Hrrrm. Thats right, they are applied on login. I 
wonder what registry key that is and what I would have to write to 
enable it. Thoughts?


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