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Thu Jan 30 20:18:27 CET 2003

3) Ctrl+A, Delete, Enter

Mantovani Alberto <Alberto.Mantovani at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1043928541.8302.python-list at>...
> Hi,
> working with Pythonwin I've noted that if you launch a script a first time
> and then you modify and relaunch it, the script that goes in execution is
> always the first one that you launch. To execute the modify script you have
> to exit and to enter   from pythonwin. This could be annoying, so my
> question is:
> 1) Is there some method or some script to avoid this? 
> I have found the manner to delete the module if it is imported with <import>
> but not if it is imported with <from xxx import yyy>.
> 2) Is it possible to run automatically a my python script when I launch the
> pythonwin?
> If this was possible I could, at the start, to save all module imported in
> pythonwin (<modules.key()>) and when I want to clear the namespace to delete
> the new module imported
> 3) Is it possible also to clear the screen of interpr. by some commands?
> best regards
> Mantovani Alberto

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