Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Alan Morgan amorgan at Xenon.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 30 22:40:31 CET 2003

In article <nM5_9.4304$wd2.333480 at>,
Brandon Van Every <vanevery at> wrote:
>Simon Wittber (Maptek) wrote:
>> Hmmmmm...
>>> Brandon Van Every wrote:
>>>> I see no primary purpose for Python's existence other than as a
>>>> glue language.
>> An obvious troll. Appears to be a successful one too!
>A person of no use because he writes off anything aberrant as "troll."

You are correct.  We should have judged your arguments on their merits.

Wait a minute... you didn't *present* an argument.  That explains it.

Defendit numerus

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