beating a dead horse: automated form submission

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> Steve Holden wrote:
> >
> > What Peter is trying to say here is that, besides the *client-side*
> > of causing the form to be submitted, the button also appears in the POST
> > data stream as a type=value pair, and therefore you should include a
> > dictionary entry for it in your name-data pairs.
> >
> > In terms of your question, yes, submitting the data triggers the
> > actions that process it.
> Thanks Steve.  I somehow didn't see his sentence asking about the
> "server-side onSubmit" actions, probably jumping to answer as soon
> as I saw something I could answer :-), so I guess my post was
> unclear.

Yeah, well. Like you I'm busy enough that nowadays I'm happy to have a few
moments to answer half a question :-)

and-glad-not-to-be-id-ly y'rsw  - steve
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