pyro and py2exe

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Wed Jan 29 23:38:27 CET 2003

Marcus Stojek wrote:
> I have found pyro and I think its exactly what I need.
> After a short scan of the docs I found that some scripts
> have to be run (e.g. to start the nameserver)
> for example:
> python -O -c "import Pyro.nsc; Pyro.nsc.main()" %*
> Does that mean that I can't use py2exe with pyro because
> the "user" needs a full python installation to start the
> script?

I don't know Py2exe but if it does what I think it does
(building one single exe from your application), you
have two choices:

1) start the Name Server automatically in a separate
    process or tread, just as the script does.
2) don't use Pyro's name server. Use PYROLOC: uri's,
    or use the Pyro URI strings from the objects directly.


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