Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Ganesan R rganesan at
Thu Jan 30 11:02:34 CET 2003

>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Van Every <vanevery at> writes:

> Simon Wittber (Maptek) wrote:
>> Hmmmmm...
>>> Brandon Van Every wrote:
>>>> I see no primary purpose for Python's existence other than as a
>>>> glue language.
>> An obvious troll. Appears to be a successful one too!

> A person of no use because he writes off anything aberrant as "troll."
> Goodbye!

> Man, I am so sick of Usenet.  Why do I bother?  Oh, I remember now... my
> eyes are glazing over after all the C++ code I've been writing.  I'm
> laboring under the delusion that this "break" somehow helps.

Come on, what did you expect? Every one to applaud you? I have programmed in
C++ for over five years and in Java for the last year or two. I am a pretty
good Perl programmer too.  I am recently into python and beginning to
appreciate the language a lot; especially in relation to Java.  IMHO your
comment deserves the flames it got.


Ganesan R

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