Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Kevin Altis altis at
Thu Jan 2 22:26:07 CET 2003

Best is always relative. Just start grabbing editors listed at

and decide for yourself. If you already have vi(m) or Emacs leanings,
primarily edit Python scripts as opposed to also using the editor for C or
Java or email, work on other platforms sometimes, mostly mouse around
instead of navigating via key sequences, etc. will all impact what is best
for you.


"Johan" <johan at> wrote in message
news:pan.2003. at
> Hi,
> Anyone know some good Python editors under Linux?
> With good color highlightning... :)
> I prefer free editors (have seen WingIDE but it isnt free :(...).
> I hope someone know where i can find some editors :)
> Looking forward to your replies... :)
> Regards,
> Johan

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