Win32 Drive List Redux

R.Marquez ny_r_marquez at
Mon Jan 6 16:09:51 CET 2003

Tim Daneliuk <tundra at> wrote in message news:<2dd4va.5m03.ln at>...

> It sort of bugs
> me that I have to distribute 100s of K or even Megs of files to
> run a 55K script ... ;)

I think that the trend is for developers to worry less and less about
having to squeeze apps down to the size of a floppy.  You probably
have noticed that many computers do not even come with a floppy drive
any more.  Certainly, hard drive space is not an issue any more (I see
adds for hard disks that cost $1 per Gigabite :).  CD-R's and CR-RW's
are also more and more prevalent, and cheap.  So, no need to feel too
guilty if your high quality, very maintainable app is a little bigger
than the norm used to be.  At worst, people may have to download your
app at work, where brad band connections are more and more prevalent,
burn it into a CD, (during lunch, of course :) and bring it home from


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