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Tue Jan 21 08:07:54 CET 2003

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Cameron Laird wrote:

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> Afanasiy  <abelikov72 at> wrote:
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> ?  I'm having parse difficulties.  Are you saying you used
> Zope through Roxen CGI, and found the performance of *that*
> combination inadequate?  I guess that's not much of a surprise
> ...  Roxen's a speed demon if you use its native scripting,
> and there are also faster Zope architectures than CGI.
> --

Agree I find that CGI with zope is a HUGE performance hit. 50% or more in
most cases since it doesn't handle multiple connections at the same time
very well anymore. Need to use something like mod_proxy with apache or
mod_rewrite in proxy mode if you want it to run fast that way.

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