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Mike Meyer mwm at
Wed Jan 8 05:40:46 CET 2003

Travis Beaty <t_beaty at> writes:
> I just eyeballed the Eiffel web site.  Eiffel Studio is only $8000.  I
> was sort of interested, until I happened to come across the price, at
> which point my mouse started to tingle.
> I suppose the free version would be okay, but are GPL'ed apps
> considered "non-commercial"?  If not, there would be no sense in my
> delving seriously into their free version if I can't release anything,
> and even when I do get to that point, it would take just long enough
> to save up $8000 that by the time I sent off the money order, the
> price would be $16,000.  LOL

You really should ask this on c.l.eiffel. But there are open source
apps around that compile with eiffel studio, so I assume that GPL'ed
apps are non-commercial. Of course, to be sure, you can ask them.

Personally, I use SmartEiffel. It's free, and comes with full
source. It even has a DICTIONARY class that's almost as fast as
Pythons. The commercial Eiffels don't run on BSD-based systems, even
under Unix emulation. Since they don't give me source, I can't try and
fix them :-(.

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